Igniting health


Activating change management

Competencies and skills are key when it comes to achieving change; but it needs to begin within us!


Leveraging exponential technologies

Exponential technologies are at the crossway of every sector in society. They are defining this new era.


Applied digital health

Ttransformation of the healthcare and wellness model are crosscut by emerging technologies, converting it into a more precise and person-centric model.

Médico utilizando lentes de realidad virtual (VR)

Gaming for health

Desarrollamos simuladores 3D para entrenamiento médico, en diferentes especialidades con el objetivo de acelerar los procesos de aprendizaje y reducir tasa de errores y complicaciones en los diferentes procesos en los entornos de salud. 
Utilizamos diferentes tipos de tecnologías como son la Realidad Virtual (RV), Realidad Aumentada (RA), simulaciones 3D, Infografías animadas y videos interactivos. 
El desarrollo de esta tecnología está respaldada por nuestro partner tecnológico InterBrain.


Consulting services

e·touchstone offers consulting services in the analysis and implementation of programs related to the use of emerging technologies, in the different areas of health and well-being. Through its team of professionals, e-touchstone offers you all its resources and network of contacts, facilittaing a recommendation or tailor-made solution for your needs.

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Success key factors

in digital transformation

Creativity and disruption are the basis for self-transformation. They facilitate sustainable innovation within the new healthcare digital ecosystem.

e·touchstone offers you the resources and knowledge to achieve this, regardless of your job or profession.

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Our desire for constant profesional improvement, leads us to share our experiences and create a flexible and collaborative affinity environment. We aim to co-create a global community within this new digital health ecosystem.

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